Zsolt Bánki: Terminology mapping software development in AthenaPlus projects. Experiment to create multilingual track back application by semantic tools

The Terminology Management Platform (TMP) – Linked Heritage and the AthenaPlus software development projects – allows cultural institutions to publish easily their terminologies in Linked Data format on the Semantic Web.

The “Terminology” as used in the context of TMP means natural language classification, knowledge organization system and controlled vocabularies. The development focuses on the thesaurus of the cultural institutions, but other types of classifications, terminologies, glossaries objects can be treated by TMP. The TMP’s developers aim to support the creation of new terminologies and to build connection network among existing terminologies. The purpose of the current development is to support multilingualism and to improve the quality of metadata published on semantic web by Europeana. TMP supports SKOS format recommended by Europeana.


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