Szabolcs Dancs: ELDORADO: a European approach to digital content service

The ELDORADO project being implemented under SROP tender aims to create a complex digital service system based on the collections of libraries and intends to provide access to the Hungarian (especially written) cultural values, regardless their legal or digital status, in line with the European efforts (European Digital Agenda, i2010, New Renaissance, Horizon 2020, etc.).

This requires close cooperation in the cultural sector actors: the publishers, publishing associations, government agencies responsible for the protection of intellectual property, etc. The acronym ELDORADO stands for in English National System of Electronic Document Delivery, Database and Document Libraries. The eminent aim of the service is to support and consolidate the ongoing digitization processes in the libraries by a well-defined workflow tracking as well as to offer tools for genuine digital content service, thereby helping to "revitalize" commercially not available publications in digital form. Compared to "traditional" projects with the same purpose, in addition to developing the system specification, it was and still is a particular challenge to promote cooperation in the cultural sector, to raise the awareness of the stakeholders and to create a legal environment, which meets the challenges of a renewing digital society.


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