András Fehér: Top art technology solutions in the protection of monuments and architecture

Hungary has an incredibly rich cultural heritage. The preservation, the digital documentation of the heritage and its presentation in a spectacular way is the interests of all of us.

The SziMe 3D AR and later the Mensor 3D project utilizes the latest 3D technologies for 3D protection of the national monuments and artefacts of national importance. We seek to exploit our product in museums, tourism and educational field. We know that researchers, teachers, students, tourists and other cyberspace roamers wish to receive different things from the opportunities offered by the technologies. The latest 3D contents preserve memories in better quality than ever, they can contribute to a better knowledge and understanding and help to manage those memories as well. The 3D solutions can document the current state for the future generations, but they can familiarize the world with our cultural heritage and national monuments at the same time.


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