Lajos Lovas: National aggregation and the long term preservation programme 2014-2020

The presentation describes cloud-based system built by MANDA. At the moment, the cloud-system is being uploaded materials by tools and labour provided by the institution in about one hundred public collections and in around four hundred digitizer stations installed.

In less than a year MandaDB public database has had more than two hundred thousand cultural heritage objects (CHO) and about 10 million new metadata as result of digitization. In addition, more than half a million CHO was digitized by the institution, the data import is in progress. The data export module has been completed, through which we provide EDM into Europeana. The presentation describes the long-term conservation plan for the EU's 2014-2020 budget cycle; according to the plan, our institution will be able to provide further storage capacity for the public collections and will help those institutions, as well as assisting the national digitization work by installing devices suitable for high-performance digitization.


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