Ildikó Sz. Fejes: MuseuMap.The first national museum aggregation service

There is a strong claim from the public to access to the museums’ cultural assets online, but the museums lag behind to fulfill that expectation.

Therefore HNM National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information’s intention is to help museums with on-line accessibility of the digital data generated in the museums by launching a (museum) sectorial aggregation service. Prior to launching of the aggregation service, we developed and tested the operating models of all services with the technical and content provider partners in a pilot project. The users will access to the aggregation service through common interface called MuseuMap, where they will be able to search and share their favorite objects through social media, will be able to create virtual exhibitions as well as to obtain information on the programs of the museums. Besides, the data uploaded to the aggregation database will be automatically added to Europeana portal, thereby those data will be accessible and searchable on Europeana as well.