Zoltán Szatucsek: The digitalization strategy of the National Archives of Hungary

Given the uniqueness of their records and holdings, the unlimited communication of digital copies is an unprecedented opportunity for the archives.

Although the digitization strategy adopted by the Hungarian National Archives in 2015 has not received much publicity, in the lack of similar documents in the field, the National Digitalization Strategy of Public Collections has put it into the spotlight. The strategy was published three years after the integration of public archives, based on the experience of the experiences of the first decade, to create order in this new and dynamically developing field. It brings the activities into line with European and national government strategies and sets realistic targets regarding our financial resources. Including guidance on the selection and alignment of internal processes, the strategy puts a particular emphasis on aspects like the long-term preservation and standard based publication. The presentation also highlights the issues to be solved, difficulties and deadlocks, in order to help memory institutions with our experiences.


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