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The National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information (OMMIK) was established in 2011, as a successor of the Central Museum Directory.

As a department of the Hungarian National Museum with a national reach and field of action, we build bridges between Hungarian and international museums and heritage institutions. We are catalysts for change and dialogue showcasing the best and latest museum trends and innovations, and supporting exciting projects across the country. 

MuseumDigit, our annual international conference on digital innovations and current trends in the museum world, is a unique opportunity to bring together museum professionals and the for profit sector to explore the challenges of the digital age, opportunities for cooperation and envision the museums of the future.

OMMIK’s mission is to make information, knowledge and know-how accessible to the Hungarian GLAM sector through our services (available in Hungarian only): MuseuMap – national collection of digital images, MuzeumStat – national database of Hungarian museum and public collection statistics, MuzeumInfo – news, reports, workshops, training for the museum sector, MuseumLearning – online courses for museum workers.

The Hungarian National Museum is the appointed museum aggregator in the Public Collection Digitisation Strategy (Közgyűjteményi Digitalizálási Stratégia). OMMIK’s role is providing expertise, managing digitisation processes, data enrichment and connecting museums’ collections to the Europeana Collections database.

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The FB LIVE EVENT of the MuseumDigit 2020 online conference will take place on 25 November at 3:00 PM (UTC+1), on the 128th birthday of the Hungarian National Museum, IN ENGLISH. On


How is the museum world changing in the wake of the challenges, be it emerging technologies, climate action, social inclusion, digital-only communication or the impact of COVID-19? Our speakers


Sian Shaw is digital learning manager at London's Westminster Abbey. He published his tips on digital engagement for


Many cultural institutions responded quickly to the emergency caused by the coronavirus epidemic. In addition to making collections and virtual exhibitions available online, they also use


During the coronavirus crisis museum and archive professionals do not rest on their laurels. Amsterdam City Archives is helping to build a digital archive of the coronavirus and its consequences


Museums, memory institutions and heritage professionals in the European Union get a last chance to overturn an EU regulation banning the use of in-situ generated nitrogen.

As professional

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OMMIK established



OMMIK’s first webpage (


The Hungarian museum database is created - statistical data, operating licenses, supervisor reports, list of institutions won European Union projects, municipal environmental data

1st MuseumDigit Conference

10-11. June 2013.



Launching MuseumMap, development of museum aggregation service

2nd MuseumDigit Conference

5-6. November 2014.



Launching MuzeumStat service, a public Hungarian museum database

3rd MuseumDigit Conference

Joint event: ICOM AVICOM f@imp Festival Award Winning Ceremony

3-4. November 2015.


MuzeumInfo, OnlineData

1st  MuzeumInfo Information Day

Launching OnlineData (free quick data-entry system)

4th  MuseumDigit Conference

Joint event: ICOM AVICOM f@imp Festival Award Winning Ceremony

22-23. November 2016.

28. June 2017.

Government resolution No 1404/2017. (VI. 28.) HNM is a sector aggregator

5th MuseumDigit Conference (workshop on the 3rd day)

28-30. November 2017.

Summer, 2018

Museum Spectrum

Launching the development of Museum Spectrum


Launching MuseumLearning service

November, 2018

Autumn, 2018

OMMIK’s rebranding

6th MuseumDigit Conference (workshop on the 3rd day)

27-28. November 2018.

17 May 2019

KDS Pilot Project Kick Off


MuseuMap becomes an accredited, official Europeana partner 

June 2018

15 October 2019

KDS & Inclusive Museum Project Campaign Day

Communication at MuseumLeaning

new course launches at MuseumLearning

November 2019

25 November 2019

Europeana Data Day

7th MuseumDigit Conference

26-28 November 2019

December 2019

Projectmanagement in Museums

new course launches at MuseumLearning

MuseuMap records at

97 000 records are searchable at Europena 

September 2019

MuseumDigit Conferences 2013-2019


Museums in Hungary

„Goods belonging to our cultural heritage are irreplaceable resources of knowing our past and present, inseparable components of the entire national and general cultural heritage, the intellectual occupation of these goods is elemental right for every citizen. All-time society’s duty is to safeguard, preserve and maintain these values, furthermore to open them up for the public expansively.”

  1997. CXL. Act on the museums, public libraries and public culture

There are many maintainers of Hungarian museums, such as the state, local governments, churches, foundations, business companies. According to Ministerial Regulation (376/2017) the Hungarian State issues the official museum operating licenses. The Regulation prescribes requirements applicable to the different museum types.


Different collection types, national collecting scope


One theme, national collecting scope


Different collection types, county scope


Different collection types, specified territorial scope


One theme, different collection types


Different collection types in a small institution


One permanent exhibition in a small institution

You can search every kind of data about Hungarian museums in English (collections, exhibitions, programs, academic activity, publications, media, communication, employees) on website.



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