Digital Pathways - Q&A for the digitisation of collections

Culture24 in collaboration with Collections Trust published its newest pathways for the digitisation of collections. The whole process has been divided into different steps with the most common questions and answers: 

Overview: What does digitising collections involve?
1: What do we mean by digitisation?
2: Why should I digitise my collections?
3: What should I digitise?
4: How should I plan digitisation?
5: What do I need to know about copyright and data protection?
6: How do I digitise?
7: What information should I record?
8: How should I store digitised assets?
9: How can I future-proof digitised assets?
10: How should I use digitised assets.

Their intention is clearly to make an emphasis on the importance of digitisation, for which this publication aims to provide all the necessary information.