MuseuMap has been appointed member of Europeana

We are proud to announce that the Europeana Aggregator Forum (EAF) and the Europeana Foundation (EF) appointed MuseuMap as an accredited aggregator to the Europeana service.

The Europeana initiative builds on a network of national, thematic and domain aggregators enabling cultural heritage institutions across Europe to share their content with Europeana and open it up to new audiences. MuseuMap operated by Hungarian National Museum has been recognised as an active member of this network and a constituent part of the Europeana ecosystem.

MuseuMap is contributing to the Europeana initiative working with cultural institutions and collectors to gather authentic, trustworthy and robust data and make it accessible to Europeana. This also makes it available to education and research infrastructures, creatives, developers and the general public. MuseuMap has also been recognised as an important source of expertise, offering advice and support in digitisation, content description, metadata mapping, licensing, media formats, accessibility, multilingualism and in the adoption of controlled vocabularies.

MuseuMap, by virtue of its activities and its contribution to the Europeana initiative, has been appointed as a full member of the Europeana Apqreqators Forum network of national, thematic and domain aggregators for digital cultural heritage in Europe.