MuseumDigit 2020 online event on Facebook

The FB LIVE EVENT of the MuseumDigit 2020 online conference will take place on 25 November at 3:00 PM (UTC+1), on the 128th birthday of the Hungarian National Museum, IN ENGLISH. On the prelude event of the MuseumDigit 2020 conference, we are presenting a special conversation of remarkable museum thinkers with Nick Merriman, Chief Executive of the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London, Yves Winkin, author of “Ré-inventer les musées? ” and professor emeritus of the University of Liège and the Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers Paris and Benedek Varga, Director of the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest. The conversation is hosted by Viktória Iván, the colleague of the National Centre for Museological Methodology and Information at Hungarian National Museum.

Museums stand the test of time and are timeless symbols of constancy and permanence. The pandemic has shown otherwise: museums around the globe have found themselves facing challenges and a rapid speed of change unseen before. Trying to adjust to the new normal, museums experiment, take risks and become more and more open to constant flux and transformation.

How do institutions grapple with all the fluidity and uncertainty that goes with the pandemic, how can we, or should we redefine, not to mention, re-invent museums? What are the new futureproof museum models that will be sustainable? How will the museum landscape continue to evolve?