Zsolt Bánki - Ildikó Sz. Fejes: Digital society - museum digitization. Museum opportunities in the mirror of KDS

Our fast-paced world, today's digital society brings new challenges to museums. In addition to the traditional approaches to access to analogue, fixed - often unique cultural heritage content - new, previously unknown channels of communication and content are available to the institutions.

The information society has created the technology conditionality and approaches in museums, through which isolated collections of databases have been opened up to digital content services, creating the possibility of cultural inclusion independent of space and time. In June 2017, the Hungarian Government adopted the Digital Collection Strategy for the Public Library, defining the digitization priorities of the coming years in the museum sector as well. The strategy is a great opportunity for museum institutions to speed up the production and publishing of their digital content. The process is supported by sectoral professional ideas based on knowledge of the current situation and supporting the achievement of the objectives of the strategy.