Éva Kómár: The renewal of the MuseuMap aggregation service in line with the Public Collection Digitalisation Strategy

The MuseuMap service was started in 2015 as a pilot program by the Hungarian National Museum National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information (OMMIK).

The goal of this project is to collect Hungarian digital cultural heritage content, and make it available and researchable for librarians and museologists and for the public as well, on the MuseuMap portal. Reflecting to the digital world specific, constantly changing user needs and the principles of the National Digitalization Strategy of Public Collections, accepted this year, the OMMIK developed a strategy for speeding up the content collection, making the publication more effective and renew the portal interface. It is a seeded task for OMMIK to provide the digital content of the Hungarian museums as education materials in the formal and non-formal training environment, as well.