Hajnalka Tarr: Artworks of young autistic artists in virtual reality - Digitizing and publishing exhibitions online

people has numerous characteristics like seriality, attraction to systems and geometric tendencies that have an exciting connection to contemporary art.

The foundation’s latest exhibition is based on this connection: 39 contemporary artists’ and 8 autistic artists’ artworks have been exhibited in the Contemporary Art Institution in Dunaújváros and in the Szent István Király Múzeum in Székesfehérvár in the frame of “Autism like metaphor” exhibition. The content of the exhibition has been digitized and can be visited with a special virtual reality set. Meeting autism in the virtual reality is quite a remarkable connection as autism itself is a special virtual reality with its own closeness and isolated inner world.

Walter's Cube makes it possible for museums and institution to publish their exhibitions online. The technology provides the best experience if the visitor cannot see the exhibition physically. The digital exhibition can be viewed on mobile, desktop or VR devices. Walter’s Cube has developed a photo based technology for galleries and museums that makes the digitizitaion and online publishing of the exhibition experience possible. The presentation introduces the technology and the process with a certain exhibition’s point of view.