Ildikó Sz. Fejes: MuzeumStat. More than just statistics

In 2012, we decided to build a unique service that stores diverse information about museums in a single system: annual statistics, data describing the institutional system, data on EU developments and municipal environmental statistics.

We thought it would be a relatively simple task. But we were wrong. Over the years we have been facing ever more complicated problems, that is, creating coherence between data demands a lot of human work. While there are only tables containing figures, so many figures are difficult to understand and comprehend, so we have created a visualization interface; the MuzeumStat portal. Data visualization has caused further problems: not yet detectable data reporting anomalies, difficulties in data interruption due to the continuous change in the institutional system. We are continously working on the solutions, we are sure of one thing: decisions are affected museums are often based on statistical data which we give on ourselves.