Eva Fog: Why gender DO matter in ICT?

We live in a world that is slowly but surely turning 100 % digital. From the deserts of Africa to the plains of Europe, technology has taken its rightful place in communication, entertainment and education. In this world, we should all be part of the development to make sure that needs are being met. Unfortunately, that is not part of the progress we are seeing.
Girls gain and lose an interest in technology at a very early age, citing lack of role models, exposure and the likes as the reasons. For far too long, media and popular culture have portrayed tech as something for greasy, male geeks way. At home, too, it's the men who lead the digital revolution.
The results are painfully clear.
Women make up less than 25 % of all workers in ICT. Getting young women to consider an education in ICT has proven very difficult. Getting them to stay in the jobs afterwards even more so.
There’s need for structural change, from our day to day lives through the educational system and in our governments. To do so we must understand what has gone wrong, what remains wrong, and how to change the system. Diversity is good for all, and it is possible!
Based on my years of experience as an educator and founder of the girl tech organization DigiPippi, I have pinpointed ways to foster girls’ interests from a very early age. A method that is possible for all to learn and apply. Paradoxically, the main focus of this method is as follows:
Stop teaching technology, and start being present.