MuseumDigit 2020 - Online virtual conference of the Hungarian National Museum

How is the museum world changing in the wake of the challenges, be it emerging technologies, climate action, social inclusion, digital-only communication or the impact of COVID-19? Our speakers have logged in from all over the world to share their experiences and answer emerging questions that are most important to us now.


In the history of MuseumDigit, as everywhere in the world, a new chapter began with the pandemic. We recognized early that we need to change the framework of the conference and say good-bye to some of its benefits – the joy of meeting in person, the splendid interior of the National Museum.  So we developed a new format. MuseumDigit is now stepping out of the walls of the National Museum to enter a new dimension. The conference will take place in an imaginary, virtual space. We hope to reach the widest possible audience and let them dive into the mindsets of today’s museum thinkers, therefore talks are translated and subtitled both in English and Hungarian. All the presentations are accessible FREE of charge, registration is needed.


In four pavilions, we present the trends, challenges and impactful strategies that shape the museum of the 21st century. Renowned thinkers and experts from the international museum world, from Australia to Europe to the United States, share their ideas with us.

Pavilion A: Sharing the Digital
How do digital collections encourage viewers to look beyond the obvious? What makes an online exhibition successful? And how can AI help museums?

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Pavilion B: Digital Pioneers
Why is it worth it to be dangerous when it comes to digital? What does it take to make a digital strategy a success? How can you give new life to long-forgotten stories via transmedia channels? Have you been to a digital-only museum? Visit M9 in Italy with us.

Pavilion C: Museums and Social Impact
How museums can stand in the forefront of climate action and social change? What can a museum do beyond words to encourage responsibility for each other and our planet? And have you heard about cultural citizenship? Museums are more important than ever.

Pavilion D: 2020 the Catalyst
This is a year that we will certainly never forget. Besides the challenges, what opportunities does it bring to reinvent museum models and introduce new strategies? What if museums were enchanted palaces to take us to new realms of knowledge? What can you do in a museum space to feel safe yet feel connected? How can you create value online and tell stories that will move the audience you don't see face to face? Ah, these are exciting times to be at a museum!

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Wandering freely among the pavilions, visitors can watch the talks according to their interests, unbound by space and time, during the conference on November 26 and 27, 2020. Talks will be accessible for two more weeks.


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